A photographic journey around Australia

As a final blog entry, we thought we’d collect some of our favourite photos and music from the trip and collate them into a slideshow. Enjoy.

Bendigo to a sheep farm

I had to remind myself where we left things with blog entries as it seems like forever ago that we made a post and we’ve done so much since, in reality it was only a week ago. Last we left things we’d just left the Great Ocean Road and were heading for Bendigo to see my sister Vanessa and her family. We made it to Bendigo no dramas and had a great stay with the Bakers. One of the days we did a trip into a place called Maldon and there happened to be an All British motorcycle rally on which suited this old school town brilliantly

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The Great (and wet) Ocean Road

After a quick breaky of Bill’s “worlds best eggs” we bid farewell to Bill and his boys and headed for the Great Ocean Road. Along the way we’re to follow the coastline of the Mornington Peninsula along through some great little towns such as Mount Martha and Dromana and foundĀ kilometresĀ of colourful little beach huts. Some were for sale so curiously we looked them up and they range from about $85k to $200k each. Some of the houses around here are absolute mansions on acres and beach front so I can only imagine how much they sell for.

Colourful beach huts on the Mornington Peninsula

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Wilsons Prom and Frankston

After a cold and wet night we were ready to leave the high country and chase some warmer temperatures! So we packed up early and got on the road for the prom. A strange noise had appeared somewhere in/on the car which kept us busy for a couple of hours and about ten roadside stops to try figure it out, to no avail… Stopped in Yarrum for lunch at a chicken shop, tried to order a potato scollop to which we got odd looks and got reeducated that they have “potato cakes”. After a bit of banter we agreed scollop was a dumb name, however they aren’t really cakes either…

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