Farewell Party

Well my wife doesn’t have a job anymore, the unemployed dero! We celebrated the fact with a shin dig at “The Alex” in Alexandria with all the Decorative Events team which was a great night. Then on Saturday night we had a little get together at the Clarks place in Cremorne which was another great night  with some friends and family there to bid farewell before we depart.

My last day of work is this coming Thursday and then we’re in town still for the Easter long weekend and we actually hit the road on Tuesday 10th. First stop is down at Lilli Pilli (the one near Batemans Bay, not the one 30 minutes away in the Shire!). We will be gratefully hosted by Tara’s uncle and aunt, Judy & Bain and Bain (Spud) has been promising to cook me a killer steak for some time now so I’m quite looking forward to that.

After Lilli Pilli we head into the Deua National Park for our first real nights of camping on the road and testing our gear to the full extent, which Bernie and hopefully “The Man” Pat Dale can come and meet us to help finish off some of these left over cans from the farewell party.

Anyway, thought I’d throw up a few pics from our farewell party.


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