Southern Victoria


3 thoughts on “Southern Victoria

  1. Darlings – Just spent best part of an hour and half with you ! Just love seing your photos and reading the comments and almost feel we are travelling with you !! Its great being able to follow it all – feeling for you in the wet and cold bits as it is the same in the UK ! Am sure we will both come out of it tho….soon I hope!! Keep it up darlings and thankyou for all the enjoyment you are giving us. XX

  2. Ohmagod we are soooo jealous! Looks awesome. Wish we could do it again! Hope kit is all holding up well and you aren’t too cold. Miss you heaps xxx

    • WEre missing you guys too! Must have a skype date soon, maybe next week when we’re in Perth. I’m very keen to see the little man also!

      P.s. kit all holding up well. Had some windy nights across the Nullabor so a few moments when we thought the rooftop tent might be blown out to sea! All good though, great weather right now down near Esperance

      Love T&D

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