Outback NSW

Many of the Robbo side of the family live out in Western NSW, so this leg of the trip was a good opportunity to catch up with as many of them as possible (as well as a few others) while travelling through on our way up to Queensland. We arrived first at Cobar to spend a few nights with Uncle Ross and Auntie Wendy. We’d timed our stay to coincide with my cousin Demi’s return home to Cobar for a few days and included her 21st birthday celebrations so we had a great time celebrating with Demi, her boyfriend Luka and her friends at the Great Western hotel. Uncle Ross took on the task of tour guide and drove us around Cobar for a fantastic guided tour of the mines and history of the area.

The mandatory Cobar tourist sign photo with Uncle Ross

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Corner Country: Birdsville to Cobar

From a satellite phone call in the middle of the Simpson Desert to the delivery in Birsdville, our brand new shocks took just over 24 hours to get to us. Big thanks to JC, our brilliant ground crew for sorting that out. As luck would have it, the shocks made overnight freight to Brisbane and made the connection with the mail plane to deliver Birdsville the next morning. Dave set about installing them and within half an hour we were fully functioning again. Just in time too as there’s not much to do in Birdsville with a broken car…

Fixing the broken shock in Birdsville

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Broken down in the Simpson Desert

After driving the scenic Oodnadatta track from Lake Eyre up to Oodnadatta we travelled along a REALLY rocky little track to Mt Dare. Mt Dare was to be our last supplies before heading straight across the Simpson Desert so we did a final vehicle inspection making sure everything was still attached after the rough ride in. We also jammed as much diesel and water into the Prado tanks as we could and had the mandatory meat pie and a beer in the pub before heading off.

Robbo’s Roadtrip!

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Coober Pedy to Lake Eyre

We left Alice Springs very hesitantly heading further South…Alice had be soooo cold the idea of more of it was starting to weigh on our minds a little so we planned some alternate routes to head up to Cairns etc instead of going out across the Simpson Desert and Outback NSW. We decided just to harden up and endure the cold weather of the central Australian winter and looking back now are overwhelmingly happy with our decision after seeing the beauty and serenity the desert had to offer.

Reflection on Redbank Waterhole

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